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Blackened Salmon w/ Pikliz

Blackened salmon on a bed of rice & black beans. Served with pikliz.

I made some pikliz to have, and then thought about pairing it with salmon. If you don't know about pikliz, it is a Haitian pickled condiment that is great with rich or fried foods. Check out the link to the post to learn more.

This combo is a definite match. The vibrant flavors and punch of heat from the pikliz just melds with sweet, rich salmon. You probably have most of the ingredients. If not, they are not hard to find. Give this one a try!



  1. Rinse the salmon and pat dry

  2. Coat filets with some of the olive oil (reserve the rest for cooking)

  3. Season each filet all over with That SPG followed by That Rub

  4. Always season to your taste. You may want more or less than the recipe recommends

  5. Heat skillet medium/medium-high heat

  6. Add olive oil to the skillet

  7. Once oil is shimmering and hot, place salmon fillets in the pan (do not touch it)

  8. Cook each side 5-7 mins (depending on doneness you would like), plate how you like and enjoy

  9. Here it is served on a bed of black beans & rice, but you can just easily place this fish on a nice salad for a lighter fair

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